Finally Feeling Better

It’s my fault. I accept that. I had heard about the possibility of salmonella being related to raw tomatoes here in Texas and 16 other states. My wife had a meeting at Chili’s of all places. She didn’t like her food (surprise!) and of course she brought home the leftovers, quesadillas and quacamole. While the wife and I would never choose Chili’s I was hungry and well, waste not want not. I ate them full of tomatoes of course. This led to a week of gastrointestinal misery. Now I can’t say with certainty that this was salmonella related but no doubt it was food borne. Yuck! So folks watch those tomatoes and as I’m sure you know, avoid Chili’s. Please note federal officials do not think cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, tomatoes sold with the vine still attached and homegrown tomatoes are the culprit. Those can still be enjoyed.


3 Responses to “Finally Feeling Better”

  1. » Tainted Tomatoes Says:

    […] SME’s are blogging about their adventures with contaminated (non confirmed) […]

  2. Margie Says:

    Oh no! I’ve been keeping to the homegrown and “on the vine” tomatoes. But, I’m still a little nervous about them. I’m glad you’re better!

  3. Kelly Says:

    It’s fine to hear you’re better. Homegrown tomatoes had been always better choice but what if you has to leave Texas. Can you make tomato chips, dried tomatoes?

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