For The Love Of More Than One Grape

Yes, we in the new world are dedicated to our single varitals. If we do not see the name of the grape on the label, up goes the nose and on go our eyes to the next shelf. This, friends, is a bit of a tragedy. There are many fine blended wines out there. Take for instant the 2004 St. Francis Red. A blend of 60% Merlot, 29% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cab Franc and 4% Zinfandel. All grown in Sonoma county. Not only is the wine a steal at around $15 (if you can find it) but it is delicious, juicy and balanced nicely. It is one of my favorites, especially at the price. I find it pairs well with Pork and even Salmon. This is just one example though. There are plenty of others out there for you to enjoy. Just go ask your trusted wine merchant and you will be pointed to plenty of good wines. Oh and guess what? You might just spend less money. Blended wines are often cheaper, simply because they are less popular. This does not mean it is not a quality wine.

If you would like to check out another opinion on this subject, check out Vinography‘s post on the subject. Messages in a Bottle: Ode to the Blended Wine


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