Vegetable Instruments!

I like Music. I like Veggies. Put the two together, Vegetable Instruments!

Vegetable Instruments, Baltimore, and the AVAM | The Oddstrument Collection.


Cherrywood Art Fair – Dec 13 & 14 – Traveling Bistro Serves Up The Food

Hey Friends, Traveling Bistro will be serving great food both Saturday and Sunday. Lot of great artist will be selling awesome holiday gifts too!

Cherrywood Art Fair – Dec 13 & 14 « groovee fortune countrystarr.

SKULLS: the skull-a-day book – Boing Boing

These food skulls are from the interesting Skull a day book, Skulls, by Noah Scalin. He used a different medium each day . Cool!

SKULLS: the skull-a-day book – Boing Boing.

Julia Was a Spy!

Not only was Julia Child a hero to so many aspiring cooks and chefs, she is a national war hero too. Turns out Julia was a member of the OSS, a precursor of the CIA.

See the full article here.

Adventure and Wine! A trip report from HOB friend Christina Cagle

Our dear friend Christina, who is often an adventure partner of the Beens, took a road trip to Ontario. She tasted some wine, took some pics and was kind enough to provide a report. Check it out in it entirety at House of Been, Wining section.

Been Neglecting Wine and Adventure ….

…… So let’s change that!

My wife, Beth, aka the Scarlot Harlot aka the Redhead with the Bedhead writes us a report on the search for a giant Hot Dog or a least a guy in a giant Hot Dog suit!

Check out the full Report here!

Austin Wine Festival, Has A Ways To Go Yet

Wine Fest

Getting to taste some, let me stress some, of the wines from different vineyards and wineries of the Texas Hill Country really revealed a true terroir or special characteristics of this region. A mineral and either grassy or vegetal note plays in most of these wines. When treated right this was quite nice. I encountered many, sweet and semisweet wines too. Many not really to my liking. Of the more than 20 wineries and vineyards represented I enjoyed Driftwood Vineyards the best this day. I thought the 2005 Lone Star Cab was nicely balanced with the right touch of oak.

As I mentioned, I was not able to taste all or at least all that I wanted to this weekend. Unlike last year, the price of admision ($25) included only ten 1 oz tastes. I was quite disappointed with this change. I also believe this hurt the vineyards as well. It forced me to be choosy. If I tasted a variety I did not like so much I was more likey to move on and try someone elses offerings instead of trying another style.

I was also disappointed in the food offerings, Whole Foods offered fruit and cheese plates only. A feeble offering that should have been much more. There were some other offering such as Freebirds New World Burrito and Boomerang’s Meat Pies. I did have a taste of the Meat Pie, pretty good but not exactly the fair I was hoping to enjoy at the wine festival.

Overall I just did not find the whole experience very inviting. I found myslef saying “well it is only the second year maybe it will get better.” Unfortunately, that is what I said last year and I had a better time then.