R.I.P. Bobby Mueller

If you have read part one of my Central Texas BBQ experience you know I’m a big fan of Louie Mueller Barbecue. It’s with a sad heart, taste buds and belly that I bring the news that owner and Pit Master, Bobby Mueller passed this weekend. The mantle now passes to his son Wayne as it did to Bobby in 1974. I know that he will honor the the family name.


How Many Aggies Does It Take To Discover Brisket Fat Is Good For You?

Just one apparently!

“Aggie graduate student Stacey Turk’s master’s thesis shows that fat from brisket contains significant amounts of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that can promote good cholesterol in people.”


Link to article: Aggie finds healthy fatty acid in brisket

Will Someone Please Think Of The Vegetarians?

Fresh Local Arugula

Summer is upon us, at least here is Texas. That means the grills and pits are primed for another season of mostly meaty delights. As you might have gathered from previous post I adore slow smoked meats and and seared cuts off the grill in a big way. Oh sure, we might throw on some corn or peppers on the grill to go with the meat fest but so often the vegetables get ignored once the grill is lit. I have been as guilty as any but I now have two sister-in-laws that are (Gasp!) Vegetarians. So I better change my ways if I know what’s good for me!

I have recently been enamored with Arugula. I had a spectacular salad of Baby Arugula, Goat Cheese, and Spiced Pecans at the Belmont. Since then Arugula has been high on my list of greens with it’s peppery bite and delicate texture. So next time I have the sister-in-laws over for dinner I think I’ll try this great looking recipe from Epicurious’ grill guide, Bruschetta with Arugula, Smoked Mozzarella and Tomatoes.

Bruschetta with Arugula, Smoked Mozzarella and Tomatoes

BBQ Art?

This is fun!

On the Texas BBQ Trail

Louie Mueller BBQ

We went to Louie Mueller BBQ and boy was it good! Check out the first in a five part series on Central Texas Barbeque, “Queing Up in Central Texas“.

When talking about the barbeque of central Texas it means two things, tradition and beef. The origin of selling smoked meats out the back alley door of a meat market or butcher shop is evident in a couple of the places we will visit in the series. In the early days the meat market would smoke and sell some of the cheaper or less desirable cuts out the back of the shops to the field and farm workers with nothing more than a few saltine crackers or a couple slices of bread, no sides, no sauce. Later this became the the focus of the business, birthing a strong barbeque tradition. In other parts of the country you say “barbeque” and this means pork cooked slow and low. Oh, how I love these porcine delights but in the heart of Texas beef reigns as king and pork takes a back seat if appearing at all. In this series we will visit the establishments in the barbeque mecca of Lockhart, (Smitty’s, Kreutz’s and Blacks) City Market in Luling, Sam’s in Austin and Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor.

Link to Article: Queing Up in Central Texas

Link: Louie Mueller BBQ